Telstra strategic choice
Telstra makes strategic choice in Day3 Software
Melbourne, 8th July 2005
Telstra has signed an agreement with Day3 to be the choice provider of billing analysis software for its small to large business customers.

Backing on its relationship with Day3 for the past 4 years, the product will be enhanced signficantly for Telstra's customers to deploy a unique version of Day3's BPA product.

The unique architecture of Day3's BPA product mean that it can be configured and enhanced for various telecom companies with both shared and unique features.

The OEM licensing model, allows Telecom companies to brand and select the features and enhancements that make their business model unique.

Telstra's endorsement of Day3's software, comes after more then 3, 500+ business customers have used the product. Telstra will now start to migrate customers away from its previous product to make Day3's BPA the product of choice.

Telstra will rebrand BPA as BRSS (Bill Reporting Self Serve).

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