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The Better Business Broadband solution
Day3 Clear is presently in an aggressive launch phase and looking for "early adopter" clients and channel partners/resellers who are looking for better business broadband, enabling the most demanding broadband applications including:
  • full motion video
  • tele-conferencing
  • security cameras
  • real-time sensors and monitoring
  • virtual private networks
  • voice over IP telephony
  • office/network backups
  • and much more...

The team at Day3 Clear is passionate about better business broadband for Australian enterprises reliant upon high-grade Internet access and VPN resources for their critical business applications and Internet access. Our best-of-breed proprietary technology delivers lightning-fast fixed wireless broadband for a remarkably low total cost of ownership!

Our full public launch is slated for early 2005, but in the meantime we're offering discerning businesses and potential resellers and channel partners a key opportunity to get in early and reap the benefits.

How Day3 Clear wireless broadband works

Our wireless broadband technology has been specifically designed for providing network access to homes/SOHOs and businesses. It is designed to be a better business broadband alternative to cable modems, ADSL and other wireless systems such as WiFi.

Our high performance technology platform boasts continuous manufacturing excellence, plus new and exciting design and engineering solutions for providing wireless network access. Now that's a mouthful, but here is why Day3 Clear wireless broadband is the best network access product available in Australia today:

  • Super-high speed - Every user in the Day3 Clear wireless system can be assigned a channel with an effective speed of up to 6Mb/s! Other wireless systems such as WiFi (aka 802.11b) run at frequencies of 2.4Ghz with no speed guarantees given signal degradation over distance. Day3 Clear wireless broadband runs in the 5.8Ghz band and is fast enough to support the most demanding Internet applications as well as full motion video, security cameras, real-time sensors and monitoring, VPNs and voice telephone service.

    Day3 Clear wireless broadband can also be deployed as a fully synchronous service (equally fast upload/download speeds) for point-to-point networking. Try doing that with most other broadband technologies!

  • Simple installation - Our subscriber unit is a small, self-contained wireless access unit that connects your business to the Internet or other network. A typical exterior installation is a simple process of mounting the subscriber unit onto a small bracket and running industry standard CAT5 data cable in your premises. This, of course, is all taken care of by our installers.

  • Military-strength security - Our system boasts DES security out-of-the-box, and is optionally upgradable to full AES-strength encryption (the same specification as the US military uses).

  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) - When compared to other business-grade broadband options including xDSL and cable, the Day3 Clear wireless broadband platform delivers a range of initial and on-going cost savingsincluding a lower initial investment (thanks to relatively inexpensive equipment and setup), lower equipment maintenance costs, and lower support and operating costs. In all, you are assured a rapid return on investment on a better business broadband solution.

Does this sound like the better business broadband you've been waiting for?

Day3 Clear is seeking expressions of interest from ISPs, VISPs, system integrators and IT shops who are looking to add a best-of-breed fixed wireless broadband solution to their product portfolio. Our channel partner and value added reseller programs are designed to attract only the highest-calibre partners. If you think you fit the bill, please complete the form below to find out more.

Of course, we'd also love to hear from you if you're just tired of the problems you've encountered with other broadband technologies like ADSL, and are looking for better business broadband.

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Whether you're interested in upgrading your business to better business broadband with Day3 Clear, or you'd like to consider becoming a value added reseller or channel partner, just let us know... contact us.
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