SureMessage Launches
SureMessage Spam and Virus Filter Launched
Melbourne, September 20, 2004 — Day3 has begun its launch of an innovative new spam and virus filtering service - appropriately named SureMessage. To-date, this kind of service has suffered from being available on a very limited scale by US companies, and with a lack of user friendly features that make the implementation of such a service time-consuming.

SureMessage provides Australian businesses an alternative that frees the inbox from viruses and unsolicited email. SureMessage features a number of new and innovative technologies, including:

SureIdentity - a feature that provides for a system wide certainty that the sender is a real person and not a spammer using an automated service.

SureIndex - a set of trust identifiers that can be viewed by a unique and included Microsoft Outlook™ Assistant plug-in. Users can quickly see whether an email from an unknown sender should be trusted or not.

Of course, SureMessage has the latest filtering technologies, and most comforting for Australian businesses... was created here, and is supported locally.

SureMessage will launch formally in October.
To learn more about SureMessage or to sign up, visit

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