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Day3 Sponsors Whitehorse Business Group
Day3 is sponsoring the "Bringing Business Together Series" as part of its support for local business in the city of Whitehorse.

One of the key business networking and support groups that exists within Whitehorse is the Whitehorse Business Group.

The Whitehorse Business Group is an exciting initiative that, with strong support from Council, has brought together a group of key business leaders to focus on economic growth within the municipality. The executive members of the Whitehorse Business Group meet regularly to develop and implement programs that provide support and assistance to the business community and encourage future investment in the area. These programs include seminars, workshops, and networking events, along with information and advice about doing business in Whitehorse.

Local businesses within Whitehorse are encouraged to become members, with their membership enhancing their business opportunities through networking and information sharing.

Day3's sponsorship for 2004 shows its commitment to supporting small and medium sized businesses have the best of Internet Solutions available to them.

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Day3 Brings Business Together - Day3 Sponsors Whitehorse Business Group
Day3 has become the Sponsor for the Bringing Business Together Series for 2004.
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