Privacy Compliance
Is your business ready to accomodate privacy?
Day3's technical expertise and partnerships can ensure clients are privacy compliant.

On December 21 2001 the Privacy (Private Sector) Amendment Act 2000 comes into effect.

This legislation is aimed at protecting and re-assuring Internet users by making clear when information is being gathered, why the information is being gathered and how it is to be used.

This Act is not aimed specifically at the Internet as all data stored electronically is covered. For many companies this means that a method is required to allow individuals to access and amend information held.

Day3 has a range of product and service offerings to assist companies achieve privacy compliance in the areas of:
· Data Collection
· Data Quality
· Data Security
· Use and Disclosure of Data
· Access and Correction
· Transborder and third party data flows

Compass™ methodology
Technology Delivery
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Privacy compliance information
If you would like to learn more on making your business solutions privacy compliant, please contact us.
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