eBiz Framework™
Secure internet commerce with eBiz Framework™
As a Day3 Solution Accelerator™, our eBiz Framework™ provides a solution for secure internet commerce.

How does eBiz Framework™ work?
eBiz Framework™ allows you to manage a multi vendor commerce web site. Each vendor has complete control of their products, their pricing and the way they are catalogued and presented. They each have access to their own catalogue, which enables them to make changes as required.

The eBiz Framework™ shop front is where customers view an array of catalogues, departments, products and product attributes. State of the art encryption provides the customer with secure online transactions and advanced online customer service is available.

eBiz Framework™ has an accounting facility that allows for advanced reporting including sales reports, transaction reports and reconciliation reports. Automatic, online credit card authentication and authorisation eliminate the need for a third party.

Multiple shipping rules and multiple currencies can be facilitated through the eBiz Framework™, allowing for a broader range of customers in a broader range of locations. From a marketing perspective, eBiz Framework™ provides the capabilities for loyalty programs, gift certificates, vouchers and competitions.

A flexible, scalable and fully customisable solution, our eBiz Framework™ has a lowered complexity, a reduced need for IT help and can be implemented with a quick time to market.

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Comdex/Spring 2000
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Day3 created an innovative eCommerce site for that includes features such as multi-vendor support and the ability for the site to be translated into eight different languages.
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