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Day3's first web-based entertainment venture of its own was a sports-focused satirical e-zine called The Bladder™, launched in 2000.

Thebladder.com is the brain-child of Day3 and Melbourne-based e-content specialists, Media Giants. Media Giants formed a joint-venture relationship with Day3 to develop and operate the innovative ‘Bladder™' website.

Since its inception, the Bladder™ has gathered an extremely loyal base of web-users, many of whom are reputable media practitioners themselves. The Bladder™ has syndicated its content to online media partners such as Yahoo!, and even has its own radio segment on ABC Radio in Victoria.

Melbourne’s The Age newspaper and the BBC and The Guardian in London have reviewed the site favourably.

Through its innovations on The Bladder™, Day3 broke new ground in web-based interactivity and community building. Day3 devised a unique function that facilitated user contributions such as articles, audio files, images, and video files. Visitors to The Bladder™ can create and submit content straight to The Bladder's content management system where the content is edited and approved by editorial staff. Users have relished the chance to 'participate', and now almost 60 per cent of the Bladder's content is generated by its users.

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Media Release - The Bladder
Media Release - The Bladder
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Sunday Age - March 26, 2001
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AAP Newswire - August 30 2000 - The Bladder website's most successful day
AAP Newswire - August 30, 2000
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