Sportal and Day3 join forces
Sportal is a provider of interactive sports content. Having established a vast network of European sports sites including prized partnerships with the likes of Juventus, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Paris St Germain, the South African Rugby Football Union and Benetton F1, Sportal arrived in Australia in January 2000.

Sportal immediately settled on Day3 as a technology partner. In quick succession, Day3 developed three major web properties for Sportal and Sportal's alliance partners: the PGA Tour of Australia,, and SBS Television.

Day3's first solution for Sportal was the rapid development of the PGA Tour site, Within one week of its launch it was the seventh-most visited Australian sports website.

Day3's next Sportal solution involved the development of an AFL website with A month later, Day3 brought Sportal’s partnership with SBS Television to fruition with the website
Providing a solution that integrated content from Sportal's editorial teams throughout Europe and specialised content in Australia, Day3's solution has seen The World Game become one of the five most popular sports websites in Australia. Sportal's reliance on a team of non-technical journalists to provide its content meant that it required a content management solution that enabled easy, non-technical production and manipulation of large quantities of multi-media content.

Similarly, with high profile partners such as, SBS Television, and PGA Tour of Australasia, Sportal required that all of its solutions be able to withstand the load of many thousands of users navigating the sites and their specialist features with ease.

Day3's solution gave Sportal immediacy in its delivery of multi-media content, data and statistics, as well as a highly accessible and flexible content management solution.
Day3 developed specialised community-building functions and interactive features such as chat rooms and polls, and automated 'in-points' and 'out-points' for receiving and dispersing syndicated content, newsletter management and user subscription and feedback infrastructure.

Day3's solution ensured Sportal could meet the requirements of its own business needs as well as having the flexibility to cater for the objectives of their partners.

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Media Release - PGA Tour
Melbourne Tigers Site Launch
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Sunday Age - August 6 2000
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