Red Dust Major Sponsor
PowerServe Sponsors the 2001 Red Dust Tour
The PowerServe Foundation are pleased to announce their involvement with Red Dust Tours involving leading Australian sports identities visiting school and youth clubs in small isolated communities in the Northern Territory.

Red Dust Tours aim to provide role models to underprivileged indigenous and non-indigenous youth and assist in building self-esteem through skills clinics, initiative exercises and open discussion with the athletes.

As part of the sponsorship of this tour, PowerServe has created a dynamic website providing information about the tour including objectives, personalities supporting the tour and the aboriginal communities that are the focus of the tour, as well as sponsorship.

The site developed by PowerServe for the Red Dust Tour can be found at

Through development of this site, PowerServe hopes to raise awareness and encourage financial support of the tour.

NBL players supporting this tour include Chris Anstey, Brett Wheeler, Ben Knight, Dewey Michaels, Jason Smith, Darren Smith, Mark Nash, Mike Kelly, Ricky Grace, Rupert Sapwell. Other celebrity supporters include Linley Frame and John van Groningen.

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Red Dust Tour
Red Dust Tour Major Sponsor
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