Media Release - Award
PowerServe International receive e-Business award
Chicago USA (April 20 2000)

PowerServe International, a leading provider of global software solutions, has been revered for the organisation’s e-Biz Framework™ which was awarded second prize in the Business-to-Consumer category at the prestigious e-Millennium Awards held in Chicago last night.

PowerServe International won the award based on the high level capabilities of the organisations e-Biz Framework™ and the business solution developed using the framework for Global Ecomm –, an online department store.

Vying for the B2C e-Millennium title with a highly contested international field in excess of 200 applicants, PowerServe International demonstrated the necessary attributes for E-Business success – a combination of vision, experience, technology expertise and courage to lead by example.

PowerServe International’s e-Biz Framework™ surpassed competition by demonstrating how a custom E-Business application can resolve specific business problems, while also providing the foundation for the creation of sites that can be developed faster, at a cost-effective price and of superior quality when compared to business sites developed without a structured framework.

“This win clearly cements PowerServe International as a leader in E-Business development and the e-Biz Framework™ as a world-leading solution,” PowerServe International President Mr Victor Wolters said last night. “We are proud to be internationally recognised as an e-hero with this award.”

The e-Millennium Awards have been designed to recognise those companies from the private and public sector who have successfully developed world-leading custom E-Business applications. The award presented to PowerServe International highlights the technical capabilities of the organisation’s e-Biz Framework™ and showed how the right solution can make even the biggest business issues trouble-free.

Mr Wolters said: “An advanced application such as our e-Biz Framework™ enables us to stay at the forefront of technology and provide the best, complete solution for our clients based on their requirements for a successful online commerce venture.”

PowerServe International won their award based on the e-Biz Framework’s™ competent business value, high level technology innovation, online execution and how the solution solved the online business needs for Global Ecomm. As a start-up online department store, the Global Ecomm site ran into a number of logistical and service based problems including charging customers three and four times for a single purchase, which significantly hindered the growth and profitability of the site. With use of the e-Biz Framework™, building a front-end shopping site and five bank-end support sites,’s revenue increased 400 per cent and all service problems were effectively resolved in a minimalised timeframe proving that technology can indeed benefit businesses in supporting their clients.

According to Mr Wolters: The e-Millennium Award reflects the primary reasons why PowerServe International chose to develop the e-Biz Framework™. The accommodation of emerging business requirements in the rapidly growing Internet business community is no easy feat and with such an E-Commerce framework, these issues can be resolved in an efficient manner. PowerServe International’s e-Biz Framework™ is a readily available solution that is robust, attractive, highly flexible, functional and most importantly, scalable. The solution also provides numerous benefits for clients who choose to capitalise on the structured e-Biz Framework compared to conventional design principles.

The coveted award was presented to PowerServe International President, Mr Wolters at the Congressional Roundtable meeting by Congressman Phil Crane (R-IL), Chairman of the Trade Sub-Committee. The award ceremony was held in association with the COMDEX Spring tradeshow and sponsored primarily by the Chicago Research and Planning Group (CRPL). CRPG, an association of CIO’s from Fortune 1000 companies representing $60 billion in annual technology spending, launched the award with COMDEX because many are actively seeking optimal web-based business strategies.

As a global software solutions organisation, PowerServe International’s aim is to provide technologically advanced solutions that suit the growing demands of the dynamic online community. The company’s e-Biz Framework™ is an integral component of this strategy and one that fosters a need to stay at the forefront of technology.

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