Media Release - FIRST
Exclusive distributor announced for library system
PowerServe Global Software Solutions are pleased to announce, today, their role as the newly appointed exclusive, international distributor of the Future Information Retrieval and Storage Technology, Library Management solution, appropriately known as 'FIRST'.

PowerServe's role will involve all customer relations, sales and marketing initiatives, complete application and client support, training as well as data conversion and product development liaison.

PowerServe are partnering with the developers of the FIRST product, (Optimus Prime) to ensure the application gains industry exposure while also fostering the PowerServe methodology to support new and existing clients in business.
Managing Director and CEO of PowerServe, Mr Rob van der End said the formation of a partnership between PowerServe and the FIRST product will have “unlimited benefits for both clients and the development of the product to cater the industry specific, special library marketplace.”

He said: “the cost effectiveness of FIRST software will support a viable and innovative long-term service development path with a high focus placed on customer support, ensuring the best performances today.”

“FIRST comprises some very powerful technologies that are easy to deploy and are orientated on principles providing flexibility in the design of customised library views.”
According to Mr van der End, the next phase of FIRST development will see the establishment of a JAVA version, which he says, has the potential to radically alter the current mode of library use and management. This represents numerous important benefits in the delivery of information to both corporate and consumer level clients.

Managing Director of Optimus Prime, Mr Bill Fatouros said: “appointing PowerServe the exclusive international distributors of FIRST has been a very positive move and one which allows the product to gain the industry recognition it rightly deserves.”

The FIRST Library Management System is a superior product and one distinguished among other special library products. FIRST has a performance and price ration that has made it the product choice of over 100 sites in the Australian and International library marketplaces.

FIRST’s client base ranges from legal firms and museums to organisations such as the Association of Chartered Accountants in Australia who operate the third largest accounting library in the world.

Existing clients include: the Australian War Memorial, Blake Dawson Waldron, National Native Title Tribunal, the Office of Public Prosecutions, Powerhouse Museum, Rio Tinto, Road Traffic Authority and the Victorian Workcover Authority.
FIRST's innovative use of browser interface for OPAC, or Online Public Access Catalogue, allows both internal and Internet searching and resource capability.

FIRST is compliant with Kinetica (formerly the Australian Bibliographic Network), is Z39.50 compliant (hence can search other compliant databases), and meets USMARC and MARCLink criteria.

The product is both scalable and expandable as demonstrated through its successful incorporation into Unix, NT, IBM and other back-end servers. FIRST has also been installed on front-end software on NT, Novell and Unix based environments.

A web interface provides comprehensive customer support and automates the support process for a quicker response time. Registered users can add a request for support via the FIRST website ( and even check its status. An online Knowledge Base can even be searched for common problems and solutions.

First will be officially launched by PowerServe in July and a website designed specifically for FIRST and clients of the FIRST product, will become available at this time.

As a global software solutions company, PowerServe’s aim is to provide technologically advanced solutions that suit the growing demands of the dynamic marketplace. FIRST is a key part of this strategy.

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