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PowerServe signs MCI WorldCom and Primus
PowerServe today announced that worldwide telecommunications leaders, MCI WorldCom and Primus Telecommunications, have invested in PowerServe’s innovative leading edge soft billing technology as an integral component of their respective customer service strategies.

Developed in Australia by PowerServe Pty Ltd, an Australian-owned and operated company specialising in the provision of software solutions and services, the soft billing technology, known as Bill Point Analyser (BPA), is the only commercially developed product of its kind and defines the standard for telecommunication analysis. BPA is sold to Telecommunication companies under an OEM agreement, which allows the company to re-badge and customise BPA with their own label, for service to their own clients.

Bill point Analyser is a software application system that provides telecommunications companies’ customers with an electronic billing solution. As an analytical tool used in the tracking of all telecommunications costs across an enterprise, BPA is the only product of its kind on the market today.

The release of Version 2.0 of BPA witnesses the refinement of the product, with several new innovations including multi-level hierarchy, percentage allocation of service numbers across cost centres, multi filtering and exporting call details.

The product also has the capability of supporting bills from one or more telecommunication companies. BPA retains all the unique features of its predecessor.

Providing a global overview or summary of all costs across all centres and users, BPA allows customers to view usage by multiple mediums, whether they are fax, IDD, STD, mobile or internet. Furthermore, BPA allows reporting by user defined cost centers and groups which are completely independent of cost centre structure.
The billing, provided electronically, reduces the costs incurred in bill analysis, saving valuable hours in lost time and productivity and provides an unlimited number of months on line for billing analysis.

Reports can be tailored to customers’ individual requirements and are available in both statistical and graphical format. Exception reports are easily sourced showing any number of combination the customer requires.

Managing Director and CEO of PowerServe, Mr Rob van der End, said "PowerServe are setting new standards in customer billing analysis solutions with the release of Version 2.0 of Bill Point Analyser."

He said: "Telecommunication companies have available to them the means to provide clients with an extremely sophisticated analysis solution. This value added service allows companies to secure and retain customer loyalty, minimise churn rate and provide an innovative, solution to what is otherwise often a customer relationship problem."

The next phase of BPA research and development will allow clients to gain access to their bills via a web interface, Mr van der End said. This represents important benefits in delivery of data to both corporate and consumer clients. PowerServe are also enabling telecommunications companies to use their billing as an asset in sales, marketing and customer relationship management.

Mr van der End said, "larger enterprises wishing to closely monitor their telecommunications trends will welcome the depth of information that the latest release of BPA provides and the lightning fast speed with which it deals with the volume of data."
Developed specifically for the telecommunications industry, the software is suitable for any corporate IT environment.

BPA runs on all Windows environments and, with minimal configuration, on UNIX and Macintosh platforms. It features the latest GUI (graphical user interface) technology through a Microsoft Outlook like interface that is extremely flexible and easy to customise using point and click commands.

Primus Telecommunications Billing and Processing Manager, Ms Debbie Wadsworth said BPA Version 2.0 (named E-bill by Primus), has presented Primus customers with an advancement on a product that is a valuable business tool like no other on the market.
"E-bill is a market leader which outstrips all other bill processing systems. Primus customers can now look forward to greater flexibility and ease of use with analysis of bills. In the future, customers will also have the ability to access bill information from a secure web site and increased reporting capabilities through added product service enhancements," she said.

Ms Wadsworth said Version 2.0 of Bill Point Analyser is an exciting product that will give Primus customers information with speed and accuracy.
The implementation of BPA at MCI WorldCom and Primus ensures each company will respond to their customers requirements faster and more efficiently; highlighting where trends of use emerge and when a more competitive service would provide greater savings, a feature which will be communicated in their accounts.

As a global software solutions company, PowerServe’s aim is to provide technologically advanced solutions that suit the growing demands of the dynamic Telecommunications industry. Bill Point Analyser is a key part of this strategy.

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