KPMG Joint Initiative
PowerServe & KPMG join forces for joint initiative
A joint venture between PowerServe and KPMG has fuelled the development of a unique information repository and industry alliance forum for the Corporate Law Economic Reform Program – Paper No 6 (CLERP6) forming the basis of a total industry solution for the financial services industry.

The aim of the joint initiative was to create an online resource centre that enables financial service providers to analyse the impact of the CLERP6 reforms, building a reference centre for CLERP6 legislation information and increasing awareness of KPMG’s expertise in the assessment of the business impact arising from the CLERP6 legislation.

Development of the site combines PowerServe’s technology intelligence and software innovation with KPMG’s leadership and expertise in the financial services sector providing a powerful solution that is easy to use and navigate by financial services sector professionals.

Being an online solution, information is highly accessible and frequently updated with topical news and information while also enabling users with a means to gauge the effect the CLERP6 legislation will have on their business.

The joint initiative sponsored the development of the site, providing users with a comprehensive summary of the CLERP6 reforms and access to a CLERP6 issues Manager.

Features of the site include: topical press information, Government announcements, Legislative amendments and KPMG business services and comment.

KPMG are the leaders in assessing the business impact arising from the CLERP6 legislation and partnered with PowerServe for the development and hosting of the website with PowerServe providing the technology expertise and KPMG providing the relevant content.

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