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Online tool for fans to explore the 99/00 PGA Tour
Melbourne, Australia (January 27th, 2000) PowerServe, a provider of global software solutions are pleased to announce, today, the official launch of the PGA Tour of Australasia website, developed and hosted by PowerServe and a site that is destined to become the number one online destination for golfing fans in Australia.

The site was developed by PowerServe in Melbourne on behalf of Sportal, a UK based international Internet sports media company.

Through use of the Internet and PowerServe website development expertise, the PGA Tour of Australasia now have the capacity to deliver live results and regular news feeds to a worldwide audience.

The site –, provides a vast array of tournament information ranging from live results, statistics and news to exclusive interviews as well as a comprehensive list of all player profiles and achievements.

Users of the site can watch the leaderboard and view a tournament’s live scorecard which automatically updates on screen, participate in trivia and polling competitions, listen to live audio with key players and personalities while also monitoring topics from player performance to the weather.

Launched in conjunction with the Heineken Classic being played at the Novotel Vines Resort Western Australia, the site is expected to receive 100,000 page views throughout each tournament or 25,000 page impressions per day.

Two journalists have been assigned by Sportal to write hourly reports throughout the tournament, which will also be regularly updated to ensure online fans are kept well informed.

PowerServe Managing Director, Mr Rob van der End said the site PowerServe produced for the PGA Tour of Australasia highlights the rapidly emerging new market for sports content and participation on the Internet in Australia.

“Sporting fans love the interactivity available through the Internet medium. They are also hungry for content,” he said.

“This site meets both of these needs and with new features to be added, will make this site a standard for sporting sites in Australia.”

“For the PGA Tour of Australasia, we created a site that enables tour spectators to peruse content they are interested while viewing the latest news and results in a manner which is appealing to them.”

While these spectators may not be able to walk with their favourite players around the course, they have the added value of being able to wander through the site, following any player the wish, seeing live player results and on a whim, can navigate through the site for something of greater interest which is just as exciting, he said.

According to Mr van der End: “The PGA Tour of Australasia website offers an online golfing experience that is user driven and customisable. When compared to traditional transmissions where spectators watch or listen to a predetermined broadcast, an online encounter with the PGA Tour of Australasia will provide a user controlled and memorable experience.”

PGA Tour of Australia Executive Director, Mr Arthur Sanderson said: "We are very excited at the PGA Tour by the prospect of developing a presence on the Internet and providing the golfing public with information on players, statistics and tournament results.

"I believe the Tour and our Internet partners Sportal and PowerServe have produced a vibrant site for the public to access information in a timely and user-friendly environment.”
Sportal Limited won the online rights to commercialise the website with PowerServe winning the contract to develop the newly released site.

As a global software solutions company, PowerServe’s aim is to provide technologically advanced solutions for clients that suit the growing demands of a dynamic online community. The website designed for the PGA Tour of Australasia demonstrates this online strategy.

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