Online environmental system unveiled

Client challenge:
To create for the international business market, a web-based application to facilitate improved environmental performance consistent with the ISO 14001 environmental management standard.

The site is intended to provide a common process that is customisable for individual franchises or multi outlet enterprises in vertical industries.

Solution summary:
The Oxegen product provides businesses with a sophisticated yet easy to use management system for managing environmental performance. It steps users through the necessary processes for creating, maintaining and implementing an environmental management system via a series of wizards.

Users are reminded by email to maintain the systems integrity by undertaking reviews. The Oxegen product is founded on the premise that improved environmental performance by business should lead to increased revenues, reduced costs and more effective compliance with the law.
In effect, the system is a virtual environmental expert, achieved by using the management interface to identify environmental issues and define potential strategies to address these issues for each user group.

Clients are able to purchase access on-line via integration with an international payment gateway and immediately begin the performance process.

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