MIFS - billing capability re-engineered
Day3 re-engineered’s Message Integrated Financial Solution (MIFS), a core business solution that handles all of Connect’s client maintenance, accounts receivable, invoicing and product pricing.

MIFS provides with an interface to support the development of new products and the re-marketing of existing products.

Client challenge: needed to totally re-engineer their billing system to handle invoicing for the Internet and eCommerce. The customisations were required to be implemented in such a way as to provide flexibility for the addition of new products, services, and tariff structures as needed. The ease of use and ease of system maintenance were also a priority.

Solution summary: provide their clients with a range of exceptional business-to-business capabilities such as the streamlining of business processes, and the reduction of operating costs through enabling trading partners to communicate electronically.

Working closely with, Day3 identified and developed the necessary functionality and modifications to MIFS billing capabilities in a series of four development phases. In all, over 100 specific changes and enhancements were made to synchronise the MIFS solution with’s business and strategic changes.

BENEFITS: A major advantage of the Day3 amendments was the removal of the need for manual invoicing for new or complex product pricing. The benefits of this particular enhancement have been twofold – it enables invoices to be produced with greater accuracy, and has effectively lowered operating costs.

The changes also resulted in more efficient product setup processes and streamlined finance and administration processes for the addition of new clients. Combining these benefits with the re-working of the user interface to enable easier reporting and managing of’s databases, has directly improved the understanding on Connect’s customer needs.

A further benefit realised by has been the decreased time to market for new products.

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Link Communications
MCI WorldCom
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