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Why you should consider our strategic alliance
Does the idea of partnering with a leading Australian eBusiness provider sound appealing?

We are currently looking for partners to join our Strategic Alliance team where the focus is on genuine business partnerships that will provide real value to all parties involved.

Currently, we have established a number of Strategic Alliances with organisations renowned for being market leaders in their specialty field. These partnerships are focused on either Technology or Services.

To be a Day3 Strategic Alliance partner, you must be:
· A market leader
· Have an innovative solution or service offering
· Be able to support a blue chip client base
· Have a reputation for customer service excellence

Strategic Alliances are an integral component of our eBusiness strategy. We are continually on the lookout for both Technology and Service partners who will be able to complement our business and technology performance.

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Day3 Clear
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Strategic Alliance Opportunities
Would you like to know more about becoming a strategic alliance partner? contact us.
Media Giants - Producers of original content for web sites
Combining Media Giants team of highly-skilled professional journalists and Day3's innovative approach to technology, the result has been a rewarding partnership which has included projects such as The Bladder.
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