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Our Media and Entertainment experience ranges from value-chain enhancement through to new product launches and innovative content creation. The main drivers behind Day3's unique ability to service the Media and Entertainment sector is our investment in specific industry knowledge and capabilities, our commitment to technological excellence and innovation, and our relationship-focused business approach.

Industry knowledge and capabilities
Our unique industry knowledge is derived from the cumulative experience of the work we have done for our many Media and Entertainment clients and from our own ambitious investments in Media and Entertainment ventures and staff.

Day3 has provided first-class business solutions for many Media and Entertainment companies, including some of Australia's strongest Media and Entertainment brands. We can offer our clients the skills, insights and lessons gained from this experience.

Some Media and Entertainment companies that have trusted Day3 and have been succeeded with a sound business solution include:
. i7 (Seven Network Limited)
. Sony Music Entertainment
. Warner Music
. Sportal
. PGA Tour of Australasia
. Telstra
. SBS Television - The World Game
. Melbourne Tigers
. NBLLive.com

Day3's ambitious investment into its own Media and Entertainment capabilities saw the production of two media operations using the internet as primary driver behind the creative strategy.

In the first investment instance, Day3 partnered with a specialist content provider to produce a sports-focused satirical website and radio programmes on Australian and English radio.

In the second investment instance, Day3 joined its web expertise and audio streaming technology with an established network of basketball journalists and radio broadcasters to produce a basketball news, live coverage and entertainment operation. Both of these ventures are still in operation.

Technological excellence and Innovation
Our unique industry knowledge and capabilities have ensured that we have always strived for technological excellence and innovation within the Media and Entertainment sector.

As a result, our demonstrated competencies include:
. Advertising platforms
. Audio streaming
. Automated content syndication
. Chat rooms, forums, discussion boards
. Data feed integration
. Feedback management
. High usability design
. Membership / subscrition management
. Multi-media content management & workflow
. Newsletter generation and management
. Polling capability
. Rapid solution development
. Robust solutions (high-traffic websites)
. Shopping services (e-commerce)
. Software development
. User-created content
. User profiling

Day3's commitment to innovation, particularly in the Media and Entertainment sector, has seen it develop its own unique technologies, such as the Solution Accelerator, Bermuda™.

Bermuda is a development framework that allows for the rapid development of web-based business solutions, hence the term Solution Accelerator. Devised entirely by Day3, Bermuda's development foundation includes many features and functions that cater to the needs of Media and Entertainment companies migrating towards an eBusiness architecture. Bermuda™ contains a flexible content management and syndication system, innovative community-enhancing functions, and the ability to facilitate commercial and other transactions.

Corporate-level Solutions
Day3 is keenly aware that technology is forcing the re-structuring of traditional media business models, prompting many organisations to re-engineer their operations. Progressive Media and Entertainment companies view this as an opportune time to evaluate and lay the technical foundations for an eventual shift to a fully integrated eBusiness.

Day3 can illustrate how appropriate technologies can be used to develop a single, unique 'engine' that can connect customers, suppliers, departments, and geographic locations; and then deliver the solution.

Business-level Solutions
Benefitting from our own experience and that of our clients and partners, Day3 understands the medium-term threats and opportunities facing most media and entertainment companies. For most, the immediate challenge is quite simple: how to use technology to better attract, acquire and retain profitable customers. Day3's capabilities offer affordable solutions for a company's customer attraction, acquisition and retention needs through superior content, community and commerce infrastructure. Day3 can help you evaluate your existing CRM practices, or work with you to develop a system that fits your organisational strategy.

Functional-level Solutions
For more specialised challenges, we have proven expertise and solutions that include content management and syndication, audio and video streaming, community building tools and methods, email marketing, newsletter management, user profiling, privacy auditing, usability analysis, and audience measuring and tracking capabilities.

Our Relationship-focused business approach
Not only is Day3 in the business of providing first rate business solutions to media and entertainment companies, we are also in the business of building beneficial and lasting business relationships with our clients and partners.

This means a number of things for our media and entertainment clients. Firstly, we partner with highly talented and skilled organisations within technology and service areas, and we can leverage these relationships for the benefit of our clients. Secondly, it means that our strong ties with our past and existing clients is another source of benefit for our future clients. Thirdly, it indicates that we are a company that is committed to providing more than world-class business solutions; we are committed to the long-term welfare of our clients' businesses. For media and entertainment companies, this should be a comforting thought, for in the emerging era of fierce competition and globalising, fragmenting markets, it is a rare thing to find a technology partner whose primary business is looking out for its clients' business.

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