Leading the way with advanced Telecommunications
Our specialisation in the telecom market
Day3 is a leader in the Australian Telecommunications market with our proven ability to demonstrate industry specific knowledge and capabilities enhancing the offerings of our well renowned client base.

The need for the right partner
As competitive environments change due to trends such as deregulation, global expansion and consolidation, the need for Telecommunications providers to partner with service organisations such as Day3 who understand the intrinsic business objectives facing telecom players is a competitive advantage.

Day3’s ability to understand the business processes, issues and most frequently used legacy systems for telecom providers positions us with the skill to offer you innumerable business advantages.

Why Day3 is a leader in the Telecommunications game
Since Day3’s inception as an organisation, we have been closely aligned with the Telecommunications industry.

The first choice of many of Australia’s top telecom companies including:
· Telstra
· Cable and Wireless Optus
· MCI WorldCom
· Primus Telecommunications
· Vodafone
· PowerTel
· Link Telecommunications
· Connect.com.au (AAPT)

We have partnered to provide a range of services in application development and internet services.

Our experience in Telecommunications covers:
· Billing systems
· Bill analysis systems
· Business process review
· Call Centres
· Front-office automation
· Back-office solutions
· Internet applications
· eBusiness solutions
· OSS (Operation Support Systems)
· Applications solving the connectivity gaps between disparate systems.

Industry knowledge
We have invested in deep industry knowledge with well-respected professionals that have extensive experience in the telecommunications industry and have reputable partnerships with organisations that also have industry experience.

Proven track record
Our proven account track record is evidence of our focus, demonstrating business process understanding and the ability to use a dedicated team to deploy solutions on a large scale regardless of geographical limitation.

Our proven experience in the Telecommunications field has also transcended many cultural and business changes including the shift from highly customised mainframe based applications and databases to a more web-based IT infrastructure. This experience and knowledge powers our capabilities in understanding the history of software solutions, where they have been out grown by the industry and where opportunities lie for future improvements.

Similarly, as the Telecommunications industry becomes even more specialised to adhere with market pressures and competition, so too will providers need a partner like Day3 who will be able to solve the increasingly challenging industry specific needs.

Today, Day3 is comfortably standing amidst this market change and can offer a range of services, experience and knowledge to better accommodate our clients with the specific needs of their industry.

Industry specialisation
Gaining advantage in a competitive market such as Telecommunications requires capabilities that cover a range of services.

The ability to align services in areas including network performance management, front-office automation, increased back-office efficiency and bridging the connectivity gaps between disparate system architectures will be paramount.

In addition, the ability to solve solution difficulties based on the pressures caused by the size of telecom service providers growing and offering more services as well as maintaining customers to remain competitive will also be vital.

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