Compass™ methodology
A methodology for measured success
Internet sites and applications often start as inspired ideas, but because of the relative infancy of the Internet compared with more traditional IT environments, those ideas are often the only thing that exists. There are no foundation systems and no established software bases.

Compass™ enables us to grasp those ideas and turn them into high quality, user attractive, internet applications.

How will Compass™ benefit my solution?
Compass™ promotes the designing of quality into our applications. This approach has been demonstrated to be the most cost and time effective way of building quality business solutions. It relies on writing strategic requirements and design documents which are subject to critical review and agreement by Day3 and also by our clients. This process formalises communication between the two organisations, ensuring that expectations are met whilst also engendering a spirit of team work. Spending time during these crucial stages sets a solid base for success in subsequent tasks such as programming and testing.

Our use of Compass™ ensures our clients can have a high degree of confidence that we will deliver a high quality business solution. It also provides a means for users to be fully involved in all facets of the development process, ensuring the system meets their expectations.

Each project that we undertake is unique and demands an individual approach. Therefore, whilst Compass™ defines the project methodology, it is also flexible. Our methodology also enables additional tasks to be added to the standard process when reinforcement is required. Similarly when less emphasis is needed in some areas, to avoid costly and time consuming over-engineering, Compass™ permits certain standard deliverables to be omitted, provided that specific checks and balances have been met. The emphasis, however, is always on completing the project with a high degree of confidence.

Why have an Internet Methodology?
We firmly believe that for technology solutions to be effective they must be reliable in design, implementation and support. Accordingly, we insist on quality standards in all areas.

Our commitment to quality principles makes the difference between computer systems and true business solutions. This commitment is the foundation for success of every solution produced by Day3.

Our methodology has ensured that clients enjoy the highest level of quality, saving significant dollars in rework. With this comes a great deal of confidence in the work we perform and it underpins our fundamental approach to establishing long-term relationships with our clients.

Of course, with the ever-growing reliance on the Internet for communication and as an extension to traditional business practices, areas formerly taking a back seat in technology developments are now becoming far more prominent.
Disciplines such graphic or interactive design, market and user research, the user experience and internet security must now be integrated seamlessly with the more traditional aspects of software development.

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