Web properties
Those who can, do!
If you think our full service offering is big, check out some of the other activities we have initiated! We are not just your average IT company. We also have our own web properties. Whether it's sharp edged sports satire or an online hub for a disadvantaged group of Australians, we leap at the chance to do what we love best.
  Have you seen The Bladder™?
Day3 first web property - a satirical e-zine known as The Bladder™, is a web-based entertainment venture that provides a humourous bent on Australian sport.
  Enriching, encouraging, dreaming
Day3 sponsored production of the Red Dust Tour aims to enrich the lives of Australian youth via the introduction of sport and sporting personalities to remote 'outback' communities.
  Corporate Law Economic Reform - need answers?
Another web property developed by Day3 is the CLERP6 site, created via an alliance with KPMG to manage the unique information needs and provide industry alliance forum for the Corporate Law Economic Reform Program.
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