Community initiatives
Supporting the Day3 culture
Day3 has enacted a number of initiatives in and outside the workplace to help enforce a positive approach to business and a healthy work environment.
  Day3 Helps Australia Unite
Day3 supports the efforts of many to help our neighbours rebuild and in keeping with Day3's motto of "Solutions of Lasting Value" have contributed their time and resources to provide a small contribution in aiding the relief effort. Day3 is playing a key role in providing hosting and payment services for World Vision to take donations.
  Enriching, encouraging, dreaming
Day3's sponsored production of the Red Dust Tours aims to enrich the lives of Australian youth via the introduction of sport and sporting personalities to remote 'outback' communities.
  Day3 Sponsors Whitehorse Business Group
Day3 has become the Sponsor for the Bringing Business Together Series for 2004.
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